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So, I finished the Arbonne Cleanse…

Support helps. My husband set this up for me the day before the cleanse started.
I never really thought I’d be the type to try a dietary cleanse.  I always thought these were for the fit, the organic, the health conscious, basically the people who were not like me.  I like sugar.  I like carbs.  I really, really like sugar.

This is why I needed to cleanse.

It’s not about weight for me.  I really needed to do this to feel better physically and mentally.   I needed to kick the sugar addiction that was causing me all sorts of trouble. Trouble that included heart palpitations, headaches, exhaustion, and the inability to find any energy at all.

A friend of mine (hi Kerri!) had been posting for a few months about the Arbonne cleanse and clean eating.  I was intrigued.  Intrigued, but not yet ready to jump in to try it myself.  So, I secretly stalked her Facebook page and followed her journey.  And, my Lord this girl was kicking butt.  Between her glowing skin, clean recipes and going from a size 26 to an 18 within a few months, I was sold.  She inspired me to try this out, so I stopped stalking her page and had her sign me up.

Of course being my first cleanse and all, I had her sign me up for the July session.  July 3rd to be exact.  The day before the 4th and all of the best bbq’s of the year.  I started feeling a little bit nervous.  Could I actually do this?  Yes, I could.  I was determined.  Mind over matter, right?  Oy vey.

My friend dropped off the goods and I was able to stare at the items in the box for a good week before I started this thing.  The word detox was more frightening to me than Pennywise (you know, the clown from IT.  Yes, the cleanse scared me more than him).

When you sign up for this, you receive 2 big bags of protein power, a bag of Arbonne’s fiber boost, their Digestion Plus powder, 2 boxes of fizz sticks, herbal detox tea, the 7-day Arbonne cleanse drink, and a partridge in a pear tree.  Ok, you do not receive the partridge, however you do receive an amazing support system from the person who signs you up and an online group which offers you support, weekly meal plans, and comments from other people on the journey with you or people who have completed it already.  It’s fantastic.


There’s a list of foods to eat and to avoid.  I went on Pinterest and found the nifty little chart above.  (Note:  I couldn’t find the original creator of this chart, so shout out and jazz hands to whoever you are because it’s fantastic).   Coffee was probably the most difficult thing for me to give up.  I never thought I would be able to do it.  But, I did and it has been over a month and I’m not even craving it anymore!  This coming from a coffee addict.

I’m not going to lie, the first few days were really, really tough.  When you are used to a certain way of eating what you want, just because you’re a grown up and able to, it’s tough to change.  It’s so easy to order a bagel with your morning coffee or grab a donut during the office meeting.  However, once you have it in your head that this is what you want and once you feel how you feel after week 1, you will not go back.

Weeks 1, 2, and 4 are the same.  For me, a day of cleanse eating consisted of a detox tea mixed with ice and a fizz stick first thing in the am for energy, 2 eggs for breakfast or a protein shake, I would alternate shake and eggs for either lunch or breakfast, for snacks I would have some of the veggies or berries and at night I would have a sweet potato with some leafy greens and chicken.  There are a TON of recipes for this cleanse on Pinterest.  I mean, a TON.  I just tried to keep it simple because it is a little overwhelming to jump into, let alone adding all kinds of brand new recipes into the game.  Shout out to my husband for helping me out with meal prep so much.

Week 3 you get to drink the Arbonne 7-day body cleanse each day for 7 days.  You pour the contents of the packet into a water bottle (they give way better instructions on the kit than I do, so make sure you read those), shake it up well, and then sip it over the course of 6 hours.  This one scared me a bit.  I didn’t like the smell of it, thus didn’t want to drink it.  However, it really was not bad.  In fact, after a few days I craved it!  It tasted like diluted apple cider vinegar to me, but not in a bad way.  Now, you cannot go crazy and drink this stuff all the time.  You’ve got to have at least a month in between (I believe), but it does its thing and flushes all of those toxins right out of your system.  You CANNOT drink the detox tea during this week.  It won’t be good, listen to the Arbonne pros when it comes to this one.

After week 3, I really started feeling my energy pick up.  I didn’t have that brain fog that I tend to get after eating sugar and junk.  I also didn’t have an upset stomach or headaches.  After week 4, I started receiving compliments from people noticing a difference in my weight and in my skin.  When somebody tells you your skin is glowing and it’s not because you are pregnant, that’s a pretty good feeling!  Even my doctor asked what I was doing different in the last two months since she had last seen me.  My blood pressure was better, weight was down, many inches were lost and energy levels were way up.

I’m about 2 weeks post-cleanse and I am feeling fantastic.  Not fantastic enough to post full body before and after pictures yet, but here are headshots from June 25th and August 8th! 

Even though the 28 days of cleansing are up, I have continued eating clean, I have continued with Arbonne’s protein shakes, fizz sticks, and detox tea.  I even signed up to be a preferred client through my friend for $20.  I love this stuff and really recommend it to anyone thinking about taking the next step towards their health.

This isn’t about losing a bunch of weight in a short amount of time.  It’s not about vanity or impressing others.  This is about kicking your bad dietary habits to the curb, saying no to your sugar or caffeine addiction and taking back control of your life.  My plan is to jump into another cleanse round in September and to continue eating clean.  Who’s with me?!

*Note, Arbonne did not pay me to review their products.  This is my honest review and opinion of the Arbonne cleanse, combined with a clean eating lifestyle.  Not everyone will have the same results, but it’s definitely worth a try!  If you’re interested in checking out more, feel free to send me an email to so I can direct you to my friend, Kerri or find me on Facebook at

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Get your swimsuit on, mama.


Sandy toes, crashing waves, and seagulls flying above.  The sun’s warmth is blanketing your skin.  It’s 90 degrees and you’re sitting in your beach chair, toes in the sand.  You peek over your sunglasses at all the beach goers, waist deep in the water.   Why are you still in the sand when you could be cooling down in the crisp, Atlantic water?

Swimsuits.  That’s why.   The person above was me.

I cannot tell you how many years I was envious over people brave enough to throw a bathing suit on.  They really didn’t care what anyone thought, they were just enjoying their beach days.  I was too busy sweltering, in my capris and t-shirt, more than likely with a towel draped over my lap concealing myself.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like swimming, I did!  It was because I was petrified that everyone would be staring at me.

First of all, I’m not that important that the world would feel the need to stare.  However, many of us women have this mental image of ourselves being 10 ft tall in the middle of the beach with a Superbowl sized audience watching our next move.  Here’s a newsflash, it doesn’t happen.  Most people are just people watching like you were earlier.  They probably aren’t judging you.  There’s a little negative voice inside of you that likes to show itself and tell you otherwise.  We’ll call that voice the enemy.  The enemy can go find a great white shark to hang with.  We need to learn to silence it.

Back to swimsuits.  Why are we covering ourselves up because we don’t have a perfect body?  Baby weight, cellulite, bingo wings, pale skin, freckles, whatever it is we are trying to cover up, is it worth it?  Is it worth feeling the freedom of swimming in the ocean, a lake, or a pool?  Chances are it’s not.

I was that girl.  I was that girl in high school when I was the smallest I have ever been.  I was that girl after my first child was born and again after my second.  I started to continue being her after my third child was born and something clicked.  This life we have?  Well, it’s pretty darn short.  Why in the world am I covering myself up over what people will think of my body.  MY body!  It’s mine!  I worked hard and earned every scar, every ounce of weight I gained probably has a story.  A memory that I or my children will carry with them forever!  Do I want one of those memories to be of mommy refusing to wear a bathing suit to swim with them?  Nope.  It’s not happening anymore.  I won’t do it to myself, but most of all I don’t want to damage them!

Going back to the people who may judge you or make a comment, there’s one thing to remember:  Their problem is not with your cellulite.  It’s not with your lack of muscles.  It’s not with your extra weight.  Their real problem is their inability to love their own self.  I guarantee you that people who are truly comfortable in their own skin, who don’t criticize every detail of their body, I guarantee they will not make a comment about another person’s body.  They’ll see you for who you are, not for what your body looks like.

Don’t lose memories focusing on not having that thigh gap or six pack.  Make memories, mama.  Go get that swimsuit on and get in the water!

Gentleman, this goes for you too!  Get in there!

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