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Who’s Got Your Back?


24 hours are in a day.  8 of those hours we use for sleep (unless you are a parent in which case you are lucky to reach 4-6 solid hours.  It does get better as they grow up, I promise).  After factoring in our 8 hours of sleep, we have 16 hours left in our day.  In all honesty, how much time do you waste thinking about people who  have had a negative impact on your life?

Speaking on behalf of myself, I spend hours thinking about these people.  I focus on things that have been said about my character by people who do not know me.  People who claim to have been friends or family who now are complete strangers saying hateful, negative, untruthful things about me, I think about them.  People who have hurt me, people I have cried over, people who have convinced other people who I love to believe lies without speaking with me first, I think about them.

I spend my precious time thinking about the minds of the ignorant, of those who are not saved, of those who cannot forgive.  I spend my time thinking about those with malicious intent, who do not want to hear any story aside from their own.  I am thinking about them.

16 precious hours that I am awake during the day, I am spending my energy on people who do not want the best for me.  People who would love to see me fall.  People who spread lies about me.  People who have no faith in me.

Why do I do this?  Why do we do this?  Something within me needs to shift.  And with God, we can make that happen.

Who are the ones near you when you hurt?  Who lingers a few minutes after church just for a chance to say, “hi, how’s life for you lately?”  Who sends you a text now and then just to check in to make sure you are ok?  Why are we ignoring these people just to focus on those who will never love us.  Why not shift that energy and focus to the ones always there?  The ones we may take for granted because we are trying to figure out where those other relationships went wrong or trying to figure out why they are saying such negative things without even properly knowing you?  The real you?  The real you that these other people know and love and want to be around?

We can shift this energy into positive.  We have control over our own minds.  Not those who are against us, not the enemy, not our own self-doubt.  We have full control over our minds and we can choose to focus on the positive.  It’s not going to be easy!  Is anything like this ever easy?  No!  But, through Him we can focus on who He has placed within our reach!  It’s just a matter of focus, perseverance and faith!

Let go of those who have ill intentions towards you.  It’s not our job to change their minds!  Pray.  Pray for yourself, pray for them.  But, we need to let the negative go.  Let it be and control our own paths.  I don’t want to continue focusing my precious 16 hours a day on who loathes me or who thinks they know my story.  I know my story.  God knows my story.  Those who love and want the best for me are who I intend to spend my time on.  I’m focusing on those who fill the bucket with love, not the ones who drill the holes in it.

Forgive those who have hurt you, but focus and love those who are always there.  16 hours sounds like a long time, but it flashes by so quickly.  Don’t waste it worrying about the negative.  Use it thinking about who will be by your side when you conquer the world.  They’ve got you, He’s got you.  Look for them, you may be surprised by who has always been there that you have never noticed before.

“In the end, you’ll know which people really love you.  They’re the ones who see you for who you are and no matter what, always find a way to be at your side.”


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